Glass Safety

Glass Safety Using 3M Graphic Window Films

Glass Safety Using 3M Graphic Window Films

Protect pedestrians by making your glass surfaces more notable

With increased focus on safety and liability, many property managers recognize that there is a risk associated with clear glass doors, windows and partitions. These architectural elements are not inherently visible, so people may be at risk of colliding with them.

In order to reduce glass-related accidents and accidental collisions, an economical solution is to install ‘vision strips’ on the glass. These can take the form of a simple strip or line or repeating graphics or logos spaced at the appropriate distance across the glass. Vision strips are easily applied and add a unique design element to the glass while remaining unobtrusive.

Combine 3M Safety Films for even better safety and building code compliance

As many as 1500 Canadians each year suffer glass-related injuries. Many victims don’t realise till after the event that the injury could have been prevented with safety film. With modern buildings and homes using large amounts of glass, it is important to consider the potentially fatal risks of not having adequate glass protection.

3M Scotchshield Safety Film is an ‘organic coating’ that can be retrofit to existing glass and can minimize the risk. It is a quick, easy and cost effective way of upgrading your glass without the need for costly replacement of windows.

In areas where there is existing safety glass, 3M Scotchshield films can further reduce the risk by putting an optically clear, distortion free barrier between you and what could potentially be a serious injury from broken glass.

The 3M Difference

3M Window Film Solutions are used for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including sun control, safety & security, privacy and image enhancement.

There are many reasons why customers consistently select a 3M Solution rather than lesser known companies and products.

It's the 3M difference.