Large Format Signage Using 3M Graphic Films

Large Format Signage Using 3M Graphic Films

Leverage your architecture and promote your business with custom architectural signage and murals

large format signageYear after year, 3M Graphics revolutionizes the graphics industry with new technologies and products to showcase brands and increase customer awareness and preference. 

We deliver high-performance and consistent quality to get your brand noticed on nearly every interior and exterior application imaginable.

Why pay for billboard space when you can convey your message on the exterior of your building?

You can easily transform unused wall space  into something attractive and meaningful with a high-impact digitally printed mural.

Large-format signage undeniably grabs and maintains people’s attention by virtue of its sheer size. Although large-format building advertisements are often temporary, they can deliver your message in a dramatic and high-impact format. 

Most organizations often have hundreds of square feet of unused display space that can be utilized to showcase their brand and communicate their message and powerfully.