3M Amber Series

3M Amber Series Window Films

3M Amber Series Window Films

3M Metalized Films - Amber Reflective

Window film that optimizes temperature control by deflecting the sun’s rays

High performance Amber Metalized Films are used where solar heat reduction is the major concern you need to solve for your property. These films significantly reduce the effect of the sun's heat to help create a balanced and comfortable environment inside buildings.

Energy saving window films

Especially in summer months, 3M’s Metalized Window Films help to reduce the workload on air-conditioning systems and can produce significant savings on energy costs. Commonly installed behind tinted and clear glass, they are a popular commercial building upgrade solution.

3M Classic Amber 35

3M Classic Amber 35 Window Film

This high performance amber colour reflective architectural film is ideally suited for customers whose main concern is balancing performance and aesthetics.

3M Amber 35 Low E

3M Amber 35 Low E Solar Window Film

This film also offers 3M's unique abrasion resistant coating for added durability and will augment the colour of the existing glass.

The 3M Difference

3M Window Film Solutions are used for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including sun control, safety & security, privacy and image enhancement.

There are many reasons why customers consistently select a 3M Solution rather than lesser known companies and products.

It's the 3M difference.