Titan Window Films Ltd.

Serving British Columbians for over 26 years.

Titan Window Films Ltd.

Serving British Columbians for over 26 years.

About Titan Window Films Ltd.

3M and Titan Window Films Ltd is committed to helping home and business owners address problems and discomfort resulting from poor window performance. Problems related to heat gain, heat loss, glare and damage from UV light can all be addressed with 3M sun control window films. 3M Thinsulate™ Climate Control, 3M Prestige Series Window Films and Night Vision™ Series Window Films offer exceptionally high-tech solutions to these and many more sun related problems. The science of Sun Control!t!

3M Safety & Security window films significantly reduce potential injury from accidental breakage or seismic event and greatly assist in keeping thieves out. 3M’s patented micro-layered security window film laminates provide greater tear-resistance when compared to any competitive film on the market. There is NO equal to 3M Ultra Series Security Window Films.

Titan’s graphics department combines high quality 3M Scotchprint® graphic materials with expert in-house layout, design and state of the art production capabilities to produce outstanding results..

3M first invented window film in 1966 and over 50 years later remains the industry leader by continuing to manufacture state of the art window films. 3M’s reputation for manufacturing products of outstanding quality is no better represented than in their window films. 3M provides the most comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty in the industry and after earning a reputation as one of the world’s most trusted companies over the last 115 years, you can be assured that they’ll be around to promptly address any concerns that may arise..

Titan Window Films Ltd is a proud member of the 3M Authorized National Dealer Network - Window Film Canada.


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Key Benefits of 3M Window Films

There are a lot of reasons to install window film, but yours is the most important one.
3M Prestige Window Film

Even indoors, your family and belongings are subjected to damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Fabrics, window treatments, wallpaper, natural wood floors, photos, paintings and other valuables can fade when unfiltered sun shines through your windows.

Block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful rays, the single largest cause of fading - 3M™ Window Films are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and visible light on your furnishings.

Save on heating and cooling costs all year round.

3M Low-E Window Films are designed to retain heat during the winter and cool air during the summer.

These films also help provide increased insulation performance, much like upgrading a single pane to a double-pane window, and a double-pane to a triple-pane window.

Annoying glare on TV and computers?

Significantly reduce glare with 3M Window Film Products to help you work, relax and entertain without added eyestrain and discomfort from excessive light. 

Amazing optical technology from 3M diffuses mirror-like reflections to help keep what’s on your screen clear and visible.

3M Certified Dealer Applicator - Window Film Solutions


Prestige Window Films mark a major departure from traditional window films because they are transparent and not dark or shiny, so they preserve your home’s natural beauty.



Modern commercial buildings typically employ large expanses of glass for day-lighting, which saves on lighting costs and has been shown to improve productivity.



3M Security Solutions have effectively been used for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications to protect people and property from security and safety issues related to glass.

Our Featured Projects

A small sampling of the projects we have completed in past.
111 Dunsmuir Avenue, Vancouver BC - 3M Amber Low E Window Film

111 Dunsmuir Avenue

Project: Sun Control - Heat Rejection    
Film Used: 
3M Amber 35 Low E Window Film
Client: Morguard Corporation

A 13-story office complex in Vancouver, British Columbia, features floor-to-ceiling windows on its entire southern face. They were a liability to the comfort of the occupants in the building once the sun rose over the horizon.

Royal BC Museum

Project: Seismic Mitigation - Envelope Glazing
Film Used: 3M Ultra Series Security Film
Client: Government of British Columbia

The world-renowned Royal BC Museum is in Victoria, BC. The museum is designated as provincial post-disaster relief facility. The building envelope glazing has been mitigated for earthquake preparedness for both life safety of the guests in the event of a serious seismic event, and to maintain the envelope against the elements post seismic event.

Royal BC Museum, Victoria BC - 3M Ultra Prestige Safety & Security Window Film
3M Prestige Sun Control Window Films

Showcase Home

Project: Sun Control – Heat Rejection and UV Protection
Film Used: 3M Prestige 70 Sun Control
Client: Private Residence

An executive residence high atop West Vancouver’s British Properties with some of Canada’s most dramatic views. The client required a reduction of heat gain from an expanse of floor to ceiling windows without impacting the views of the city, day or night.

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Our Clients

The companies below are just a sample sampling of the over 5000+ clients serviced throughout the province.
Royal BC Museum
B C Ferries
RBC Bank
Camosun College
University of Victoria
BC Liquor

The 3M Difference

3M Window Film Solutions are used for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including sun control, safety & security, privacy and image enhancement.

There are many reasons why customers consistently select a 3M Solution rather than lesser known companies and products.

It's the 3M difference.