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Security & Branding Solutions For The Cannabis Industry

Security & Branding Solutions For The Cannabis Industry

3M Security Film Deters Forced Entry

3M Security Window Film is a highly durable, optically clear polyester film, which when applied to glass, provides an invisible layer of protection. A bead of 3M Impact Protection Adhesive is also applied that bonds the filmed glass to the frame, forming an extremely durable membrane that protects and strengthens the glass in the event of a break-in.

3M Security Window Film makes it much more difficult for criminals to gain access to your business premises through forced-entry. The glass-fortification system is virtually invisible and surprises intruders by making entry extremely difficult. This is often enough to thwart an entrance attempt.

In-Store Glass Protection

3M Security Window Film may also be utilized to protect products shown in glass display cases. Security Window Film forms an invisible layer of protection and glass-shatter resistance, that will resist considerable impact and greatly reduce the likelihood of a smash and grab crime during operating hours. These types of on-premise crimes during operating hours are becoming increasingly common.

Fortify Windows and Glass

Most burglars take advantage of windows and glass by staging smash and grab attacks. Glass storefronts and windows are an extremely vulnerable point of entry to your business. Strengthening these areas can prevent a forced-entry occurrence. Glass and window fortification can be accomplished by installing 3M Security Window Film.

3M Large Format Signage & Graphics

We specialize in creating large format signage and graphic solutions that draw attention to your storefront or business and promote your brand. We can easily enhance the exterior of your building with powerful visual signage, logo treatments and messaging. There are literally hundreds of superior quality 3M graphic films and coloured films available. Materials can also be custom cut to any size and patter to incorporate your specific design specifications.

Thermoformed vinyl graphic films provide ultimate flexibility. They can be applied indoors on floors or outdoors to textured surfaces such as brick or concrete block. This type of film is extremely durable and can be used to create crisp photographic quality images and graphics as large as you design. 

Interior Signage & Graphics

Interior graphics add visual intrigue and style to wellness clinics and dispensaries. Choose from standard shapes and patterns, or work with our 3M Window Film experts to create a custom designed film that is unique to your brand. We can help you dramatically boost the visual impact of your facility by bringing your creative ideas to life. Our in-house design, production and installation department will help you create every aspect of the store’s appearance – inside and out.

leaf cut graphic pattern

3M Cut & Printed Graphics

Draw street-level attention to your storefront or business by adding imagery and logos to ensure your brand stands out!

Bring all of your creative ideas to life

Apply graphics to surfaces such as floors and brick walls

Large Format Photographs

Deliver your visual message powerfully with crisp, large format photographs

Strengthen Your Brand

Aesthetically enhance your brand and retail presentation

In-store signage 1
In-store signage 2

3M Sun Control Window Film

Today, retailers are modifying their physical spaces by making them more comfortable. This encourages customers to spend more time at their location. As this trend continues, products which increase patron comfort are becoming increasingly important. Technologically advanced 3M Sun Control Window Film can reject up to 66% of heat coming through windows in the summer, significantly reduce annoying glare, and eliminate 99.9% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. 

3M Privacy Window Film

Keeping unwanted eyes from seeing into your business is the way to keep your premises or growing operation private and protected. It’s hard to steal what you can’t see. 

3M Privacy Window Film is available in frosted formats, and in a wide range of colours that are decorative and also create privacy.  

Privacy Window Film creates a better experience for dispensary and wellness customers. It can be added easily to the exterior and interior glass surfaces of your building. It’s also great for lobby areas and street facing windows. 

Growing operations also benefit from privacy window film because it improves security by reducing visibility.


The 3M Difference

3M Window Film Solutions are used for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including sun control, safety & security, privacy and image enhancement.

There are many reasons why customers consistently select a 3M Solution rather than lesser known companies and products.

It's the 3M difference.