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Caring For Your New 3M Window Films

Caring For Your New 3M Window Films

  • Care must be taken not to scratch the film, do not use bristle brushes or abrasive cleaning materials.

  • Common window cleaning solutions, such as Windex, are recommended.

  • A soft cloth or clean synthetic sponge is recommended for washing. Do not use the same towel or sponge for wiping sills or frames. Paper towels or newspapers not recommended.

  • A soft squeegee is recommended for removal of cleaning solution from the film.

  • Do not apply heavy pressure in any cleaning operation.

caring for window filmTo get the best out of your 3M Safety & Security Window Films, it is important that special care be given them.

Although 3M Window films in general and the Safety and Security window film series are not difficult to take care of, a few things are worth noting and passing on to whomever is in charge of making sure the windows are well taken care of.

3M Safety & Security Window Films may be washed with common washing solutions, including ammonia-based products, thirty (30) days after installation. It is important to keep abrasive type cleaning agents and bristle brushes away from your filmed windows as they might scratch the window film and ruin the elegance of your windows.

It is okay to use synthetic sponges, squeegees or soft cloths with the cleaning solution; in fact those are highly recommended. Using tape or other adhesive products on the film could compromise your warranty.

After installation, there may be a hazy appearance on your windows. This condition is temporary and is caused by the moisture that is present when applying the film. This hazy appearance will disappear after the film dries; however, it may take up to thirty (30) days for the film to completely dry. If you have just installed your window film, it might take a little longer to dry because cold weather conditions usually require additional time.

Most importantly, get the installation of 3M Safety & Security Films on your windows done professionally and by an authorized 3M dealer, such as Titan Window Films Ltd.

The 3M Difference

3M Window Film Solutions are used for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications including sun control, safety & security, privacy and image enhancement.

There are many reasons why customers consistently select a 3M Solution rather than lesser known companies and products.

It's the 3M difference.